youth enterprise

Social Enterprise Academy and the Academy’s Schools’ Programme.

A group of primary school pupils in a primary school in West Lothian set up a food co-operative and cafe which has grown to serve the surrounding community. Recognising that some families cannot afford to replace worn or grown out of school uniforms a recycling project is created in another primary [...]

We can ALL support youth enterprise

We are in times of change, there have been big cuts both locally and nationally. One of the groups being hit the hardest are young people. Youth services are being cut, EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) scrapped, tuition fees introduced, free training providers loosing funding and figures [...]

It’sGood2Give – a young charity for young people

July and August are often a great opportunity to catch up on major administrative tasks – they are quiet months for fundraising. As a young charity there are still so many systems we can put in place – I’m making a new Ops Manual, which at first I thought I could undertake in a matter of [...]

Following the Lead of Young People

Who leads? I hadn’t particularly been drawn to working with young people. Yet in 2009 I found myself with a request to support a group who were organizing an international conference in Caux, Switzerland. This was part of the conference season of ‘Initiatives of Change’ (IofC) – a global [...]

Social Media: 8 Tips for Young Enterprise

Young enterprise is a topic close to my own heart, so I’m really excited about not only sharing my own experiences but reading the other contributions to this month’s issue. In any enterprise, not just young enterprise, social media is the gateway to the world. You can reach customers, [...]
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