youth enterprise

Report summary – Girls’ career aspirations

Young women achieve better educationally than boys at the age of 16. A higher proportion of girls than boys continue in education to degree level. Their early success, however, does not translate into similar advantages in terms of careers and pay in later life. Women are also less likely than men [...]

Arab Women and their Position in Society

FACT: women are discriminated against around the world in numerous ways, everyone knows this. Even in the UK with the longest standing democratic system in the world, there still remains a 17% pay gap between men and women working in full time employment. Women who work full-time also have 1 hour [...]

Heading to India

EMMA MACDONALD Emma is heading to India and as part of our project to raise awareness of the plight of the Devadasi we are following her journey This October I have an opportunity for a holiday with a difference, to find out what life is like for ordinary people in India. This will be my first trip [...]

Schools should teach honesty, reliability, teamwork and punctuality

Schools should teach honesty, reliability, teamwork and punctuality to boost young people’s job prospects, said 65% of adults today, Wednesday 7th September) in a Young Enterprise poll. They said the Government should make it a top priority to put the learning of these ‘employability skills’ [...]

August Guest Editorial – Jackie Cameron

When Karen asked me if I would guest edit the 3rdi Magazine edition for August I had no idea what I was letting myself in for yet I accepted right away. Maybe it was because the topic for this edition is Youth Enterprise which is dear to my heart and I always look for an opportunity to highlight [...]
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