youth enterprise

Man Up! Fight the Fear and Reap the Rewards!

“I can do it like a brother, do it like a dude”  Despite not being the most eloquent of statements, Jessie J has got the right attitude as far as I’m concerned; especially when we apply this attitude to business and enterprise. Let’s face facts: only a quarter of UK self-employed workers [...]

Discover a Discovery Party

Discovery Party was the first business idea brought tothe3rdimagazine’s innovative business support programme,  Fair Comment in April 2011. Jen Gash travelled from Bristol to Edinburgh to attend and has spent the last 18 months developing Discovery Party, which combines her love for parties, [...]

Young Enterprise Case Study: Naomi Kibble

Naomi Kibble found her perfect business idea when she wondered why you couldn’t enjoy a decent cocktail at home when it was so easy to get one in a bar. From that flash of inspiration, the revolutionary concept of ROCKTAILS® was born – crushed ice cocktails sold in pouches that you store [...]

Young Enterpise Case Study -Justin Elliott

Spotting the potential in the burgeoning renewable energy industry helped Justin Elliott build a £1million eco-business in just three years. The 26-year-old set up Leadstoyou Ltd in 2009, an innovative website designed to connect green fuel firms with families wanting to make their homes more [...]

Baby Pink or Sage Green?

I’m passionate about colour. I love the soft breezy palettes of Scottish coastlines where pale sand merges into grey-blue sea and comforting clouds drift over a laid back sky. Or the hot frenetic colours of a Mediterranean fishing village, where an ice-white house can be engulfed by a profusion [...]
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