young enterprise

Young Enterprise Case Study: Naomi Kibble

Naomi Kibble found her perfect business idea when she wondered why you couldn’t enjoy a decent cocktail at home when it was so easy to get one in a bar. From that flash of inspiration, the revolutionary concept of ROCKTAILS® was born – crushed ice cocktails sold in pouches that you store [...]

Young Enterpise Case Study -Justin Elliott

Spotting the potential in the burgeoning renewable energy industry helped Justin Elliott build a £1million eco-business in just three years. The 26-year-old set up Leadstoyou Ltd in 2009, an innovative website designed to connect green fuel firms with families wanting to make their homes more [...]

Baby Pink or Sage Green?

I’m passionate about colour. I love the soft breezy palettes of Scottish coastlines where pale sand merges into grey-blue sea and comforting clouds drift over a laid back sky. Or the hot frenetic colours of a Mediterranean fishing village, where an ice-white house can be engulfed by a profusion [...]

Young Enterprise – we really have missed the point

Without hesitation, every time I speak in schools where academic prowess is the number one value and outcome demanded by all, the most popular question I get asked, (only when the teachers have left the room or over break, obviously) is ‘Miss, if you were me would you go to University.’ My [...]

Delivering the start up message to the next generation

StartUp Britain is set to hit the road for a month-long bus tour designed to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. The national enterprise campaign’s double-decker bus will visit 40 universities and further education colleges across the UK, carrying a team of business experts, mentors, [...]
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