young enterprise

Paying for enterprise

On Thursday morning I took the bus from Leith to St Andrews Square. It cost just £1.40 for a journey that took around half an hour. The bus was full, which was brilliant. In fact the picture is even brighter as I could have travelled the whole route for the same charge. For £3.50 I could have [...]

Inspirational Young Entrepreneur – Jodie Hughes

Jodie Hughes worked for the Scottish Institute for Enterprise as a result winning ‘Intern of the Year 2011’.  This led to the founding of her first entrepreneurial business: My Health Cards. This small business venture won numerous awards including a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award and [...]

Supporting budding young entrepreneurs

With the way things are heading with the stuttering economy, university fees / graduate loans, examination grading debacles, and so on it’s a wonder that any young people want to start up their own business, but they do and they are. As a mother of teenagers I have been told of their friends [...]

The youth of today

One of my abiding memories of my dear Grandad was of him pontificating about what young folk were up to – always started with “the youth of today”. I kind of forgave him for that because in his time communication methods were less sophisticated than they are now and his interaction with [...]

Man Up! Fight the Fear and Reap the Rewards!

“I can do it like a brother, do it like a dude”  Despite not being the most eloquent of statements, Jessie J has got the right attitude as far as I’m concerned; especially when we apply this attitude to business and enterprise. Let’s face facts: only a quarter of UK self-employed workers [...]

Discover a Discovery Party

Discovery Party was the first business idea brought tothe3rdimagazine’s innovative business support programme,  Fair Comment in April 2011. Jen Gash travelled from Bristol to Edinburgh to attend and has spent the last 18 months developing Discovery Party, which combines her love for parties, [...]
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