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Young Scot, promoting enterprise

In 2010, independent studies carried out by The Prince’s Trust and the Royal Bank of Scotland revealed that the number of young people out of work had soared to a 12 year high, with approximately 36,200 unemployed young Scots aged between 20 and 24 years. The shift in our economic climate has [...]

What I have learned from enterprising young people …..

“Ask a teenager while they still know everything.” This advice apparently turned up as graffiti on the New York underground. In my experience, it’s a pretty helpful piece of advice. What I have learned most from enterprising young people …. is actually about enterprise in young people. [...]

Social Enterprise Academy and the Academy’s Schools’ Programme.

A group of primary school pupils in a primary school in West Lothian set up a food co-operative and cafe which has grown to serve the surrounding community. Recognising that some families cannot afford to replace worn or grown out of school uniforms a recycling project is created in another primary [...]

We can ALL support youth enterprise

We are in times of change, there have been big cuts both locally and nationally. One of the groups being hit the hardest are young people. Youth services are being cut, EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) scrapped, tuition fees introduced, free training providers loosing funding and figures [...]

Inspirational Women – Louise Botwright

Louise Botwright Founder of the Charity JUMP speaks eloquently about her own journey that created the charity she now heads. She says, “No young person thinks, oh I want to grow up and be a drug addict, or I’d love to grow up and be in prison. No young person thinks that.” Louise’s story is [...]

JUMP – inspirational social enterprise

JUMP is a youth mentoring project run for and by young people. JUMP is open to all young people aged 13–25 years old who may benefit from the mentoring process; However, our project particularly aims to help vulnerable teenagers find a safe place to live, encourage them to learn the skills that [...]
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