women’s enterprise

Intentions, outcomes and delusions of control

It takes time to grow some-thing from apparently ‘no-thing’. No amount of believing otherwise, will actually make the process from germination to fruition happen in a heartbeat. Our society’s addiction to ‘quick fixes’ is based on a state of mind in which we believe that it is THE result [...]

Facing the pressures

I am all for enterprise and success in business whether it is a man or woman in charge. For the last five years many businesses have struggled to grow, even survive. Any entrepreneur who builds a business during this recession, to me, has heroic qualities irrespective of gender. However, I will [...]

Progress stalls again for women on boards

The Cranfield International Centre for Women Leader’s has updated its research recently on the number of women on the boards of the UK’s top companies. The results are, to say the very least, disappointing. Initially, in the first six months, it looked as though we were beginning to see [...]

Some directors are more equal than others

This time last year I was dipping my toes into the most parasitic region of the private sector in an act of desperation, and unsurprisingly, they very quickly got bitten off. Whilst I’m sure that there are a lot of principled and decent businesses out there in the vast and formidable ocean of [...]

Women and the business of business

As I sit in the McDonalds in Govan (I get to the most glamorous of places in my job) and contemplate my morning, it helps me realise why women often don’t get as far as men in business. When I woke up this morning at 6:30am my four year old came to “help me” get ready. She ignored [...]
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