women’s enterprise

Editorial – Why women entrepreneurs?

Earlier this year I was asked to give the Common Business School lecture at Liverpool Hope University on the subject of Women Entrepreneurs. Since I have been running entrepreneurial businesses since 1990, this seemed like a reasonable request. I decided that the title of the lecture should be [...]

The Women’s Business and Enterprise Conference

          Scotland is not short of enterprising women… with more than 60,000 female-led businesses, it has proportionately more women in business than many other parts of the UK. These businesses are generating more than £5 billion for Scotland’s economy, and women [...]

Amanda Bryan

Karen Birch interviewed Amanda Bryan, the Forestry Commissioner for Scotland. I am interested, Amanda, in the route that you took to become Forestry Commissioner for Scotland.  Can you tell me about that? My work philosophy has always been that if you enjoy what you do then lots of new [...]

Why do we need a focus on women’s enterprise?

The Coalition government seem to be going backwards in regards to the women’s enterprise agenda as they try to force a mainstream business support and services strategy. The Women’s Business Council and the IPPR review led by the Deputy Prime Minister, that looked at lending discrimination [...]

Discrimination by any other name

Anyone who read my piece a few issues ago, on quotas, will understand my position on forced discrimination and so may be able to predict my starting position, regarding preferential treatment for the prioritised funding of women-led businesses. This does not mean that I am against balance, equity [...]

Is the future of enterprise female?

The History Channel is currently showing a drama-documentary series called ‘The men who built America’ featuring none other than our founder, Andrew Carnegie alongside a number of well-known nineteenth and twentieth century entrepreneurs, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Ford, JP Morgan. These [...]
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