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Sylvia Douglas, MsMissMrs

Knickers play a big part in Sylvia Douglas’s ongoing business adventure, but there’s much more to this passionate empowerment entrepreneur than pants. Started officially in July 2013, Sylvia’s north Glasgow community interest company MsMissMrs is a shining example of entrepreneurial flair and [...]

Rosemary Eribe, Eribe Knitwear

Keeping it real is what really matters to Eribé Knitwear founder and knitter-in-chief, Rosemary Eribé. With two decades of business already under her belt, building a high fashion designer brand label was always a lot less important than staying true to her vision. Being one of a team, developing [...]

Shelagh Swanson, Oil and Glass

Shelagh Swanson is as striking and stylish as one of her very own paintings or pieces of handmade glass, but Shelagh confounds stereotypes of the starving artist. As a fully fledged member of Scotland’s creative industries, Shelagh’s Aberdeen based business, Oil & Glass, is a shining [...]