In praise of women … a man’s view

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day. To me this is like having one day dedicated to gratitude (Thanksgiving) or selfless service and love (Christmas), when these sentiments should be the first thing we focus on when we wake up every day. I find it somewhat disingenuous for men and [...]

We Are The 51

I’m of the generation that thought that the battle for equality was pretty much won. Women had burned their bras so that I had the opportunity to break through the glass ceiling. Something like that anyway. Margaret Thatcher had been Prime Minister and so it stood to reason that women could [...]

The invisible woman

Some 25 years ago I went to buy my first car. I went with my husband, not because he knew any more about cars that I did but because we were newly wed and joined at the hip. I’d had my eye on a cherry red Triumph Dolomite and on getting my driving license we went to the garage to make the [...]

My board journey

Looking back for this article I was a little surprised to see how many boards I had served on. Every one was pro bono, so money was certainly not my motive. The majority were in the public and charity sectors. My present commitment is as a Director of The Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy. Our [...]

Scotland 2014 – Influential Women

2014 is going to be a big year for Scotland;  the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup, Homecoming, the Independence Referendum, as well as all the usual sporting and cultural activities that grace our communities year on year. Scotland is going to be unusually visible on the world stage as a [...]

Keep a woman on British bank notes

Recently there has been a furore over the Bank of England’s decision to replace Elizabeth Fry by Sir Winston Churchill on bank notes. Elizabeth II is of course on all the bank notes as the reigning monarch and would at the point of change be the only woman, by virtue of birth alone, on the [...]
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