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Great Women – A Fanfare of Fabulous Females

(Cicely Mary Hamilton, illustration by Sandy Nightingale) Great Women is a joint project from The Two Sandies: Sandi Toksvig writes the words and Sandy Nightingale paints the pictures. I have been a fan of the series for many months and was delighted to get the chance to speak with Sandy [...]

Inspirational Women – Mumtaz Hussain

I met Mumtaz a few months ago and was immediately impressed. It was a privilege to interview her for this profile and my pleasure to report that she will be one of our regular contributors in future issues of the 3rdimagazine, developing her professional and personal perspective for women within [...]

Finding Leadership through Social Media

Growing up everyone seemed to know what they wanted to be. Then there was me. All I wanted was to be a leader. Now when you are at school, trying to tell someone you want to be a leader does not go down too well – or at least where I come from. They then make you take the careers test. Did you [...]


Whilst our attention is often drawn to substance, it may be interesting to explore the nothingness in-between. In fact the known substances in our universe are thought to take up a minuscule amount of space. Most of our universe is considered to be full of nothing. Scientists claim the particles [...]

What does a leader sound like?

As I write this President Obama has just headed back to the US after his visit to the UK during which he has made many speeches. Very few of us will get the chance to hear him speak in conversation or unscripted. This does not make what he says any less impactful but we will never know how much of [...]

A paradigm shift in the Board Room

One of my favourite films is an old black and white movie from 1946; ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. A great film, however, it was made when there was a required practice of having a ‘token’ black person in the movie to satisfy the requirements of a quota system. This position went to Annie [...]
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