women leaders

Leadership STYLE

Most of us are potential leaders. Most of us have an idea in us that could make a positive change – whether to our local community, our national community or the global community. But many of us do not recognise the potential of our ideas or do not have the perseverance to take our idea forward. [...]

Leadership and how not to do it

If you type the word Leadership into the google search engine you get about 496,000,000 results. Amongst the front page entries are definitions, training courses, news articles and an intriguing placement from christianitytoday.com. Leadership is one of these topics about which everyone has an [...]

Leadership comes in many guises

Leadership comes in many guises. Millions of words have been written and spoken in attempts to discover the alchemy of what makes a good leader, or conversely a bad one. In the world of politics a successful leader is usually defined as an individual – usually male – as an individual [...]

Bosses choose Managers

IN MY VIEW…..many studies on leadership miss the point. They confuse leading with managing. Management is a function that is undertaken in organisations by people who have been given the formal authority to ‘make sure’ something is achieved. Managers are appointed by ‘Bosses’. Just [...]

Leadership – what’s in a title?

I was chatting to a young woman who had decided that the time had come to step away from her current job and find something else to help her develop her skills. When she heard that I coached people during their career transition she asked me how she could get the leadership experience that so many [...]
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