women in STEM

Women in Technology – Polly Purvis

Biography – Polly Purvis, Executive Director of ScotlandIS Polly started her career with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group working in the City of London. Returning to Scotland she joined Scottish Development Agency’s (now Scottish Enterprise) Small Business Division initially providing [...]

Women in Technolgy – Silka Patel

Biography: Silka Patel is a Marketing Manager in the Service Provider area in Europe & Emerging Markets for Cisco Systems, Inc. Silka has been with Cisco for 7+ years and has held positions in a variety of roles in different parts of the business ranging from Commercial & Enterprise support [...]

Women in Technology – Ros Donaldson

Biography: Having worked within the Legal, Finance, IT and Leisure industries I have gained a great understanding of people working within these sectors, assisting me further when studying my PG Diploma in Coaching. Most inspiring is to have had the opportunity to work with great leaders who have [...]

Alison Winn

Biography Alison Winn grew up in Glasgow and originally trained as a bi-lingual PA in French and German. Her first major role was with Express Newspapers where she spent 10 years working through the ranks on the News Desk and Sports Desk in Glasgow before moving to Fleet Street to Circulation and [...]

Social media – a hearing aid for women?

I was about to write my post for this month’s magazine when Karen’s reminder email came into my inbox.  She asked “does social media/internet technologies make technology more acceptable to women/girls?” So I stopped to think about that for a while  and I wonder if maybe it will take  a [...]

Do you use technology for social change?

The last few months have seen a significant change in the direction of my business projects. The vast majority nowadays are working with community projects, social enterprises and socially-focused academic institutions. In many of these projects I am discussing and developing social return on [...]
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