women in STEM

Women in Digital – Carly Chaffer

Name:Carly Chaffer Position: Online Marketing Manager Organisation: 9xb Twitter Handle: @SearchCarly Your career journey: After completing a fashion management and marketing degree, I saw an opportunity to get into digital and explore the “new media” age. I joined a local SEO agency and worked [...]

Women in Digital – Vicki Chowney

Name: Vikki Chowney Position: Head of Community Organisation: TMW Twitter Handle: @vikkichowney Your career journey: I¹ve had an unusual mixture of roles throughout my career, starting in tech PR, moving into journalism, doing a bit of client-side work and now returning to a creative agency. The [...]

Women in Digital – Hannah Miller

Name: Hannah Miller Position: SEO Director Organisation: 4Ps Marketing Twitter Handle: @hannah_4ps Your career journey: My journey began from a young age when an aspiring interest in digital came about from a very snazzy new member of the family arrived…my Packard Bell. I found it amazing how a [...]

Women in Digital – Kate Ross

Name: Kate Ross Position: Commercial Director Organisation: Eight&Four Twitter handle:@eight&four Your career journey: After graduating from University of Nottingham, I started and completed a digital marketing graduate scheme at Reed Elsevier. On completion, I set up eight&four with my [...]

Women in Digital – Grace Mills

Name: Grace Mills Position: Senior Marketing Officer Organisation: Aston University Twitter handle: @Gracey_Mills Your career journey: Having graduated from Liverpool John Moores University I was quickly employed by a recruitment agency who specialise in recruiting for digital roles within the [...]

Celebrating Women in Digital

When I read about women working in the digital media industry it is usually about the lack of female talent or speculating to how we can encourage more women into the industry.  Personally, I feel that this angle is a bit doom and gloom and I’m not even 100 percent sold on the fact that there [...]
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