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Women in digital by Red Barrington

Dr Jill Ney writes: “As part of my celebrating women in digital series I was introduced to a lovely lady called Red Barrington. So, yes, I have moved beyond The Drums Top 30 Women in Digital Under 30. Red and I had a little chuckle at the age limit for The Drums award as she could not be included [...]

How technology is changing our perception of possession

During my working hours I spend a lot of time wandering through the internet, looking for new technologies, platforms, products and services. I aim to find the elements within these things that make them interesting or innovative. Whilst I’m looking around I also get to see how they affect human [...]

Women in Digital Kat Wyeth

Name: Kat (Katrin) Wyeth Position: Creative Director/ Social Media Manager Organisation: groupm Twitter Handle: @kat_wyeth Your career journey: I’ve always been passionate for great ideas and open for change. That’s why it was an easy progression for me to switch from being a classical creative [...]

Women in Digital Hannah Swift

Name: Hannah Swift Position: Founder Organisation: Bright Digital Minds Twitter Handle: @BrightDM Your career journey: Degree qualified. Media journey began originally in sales in the mobile telecoms sector. Graduated to affiliate and white label marketing before entering the digital arena, working [...]

Women in Digital Emily Witham

Name: Emily Witham Position: Head of Digital Marketing Organisation: Precedent Twitter Handle: @precedentcomms  Your career journey: I started at Precedent nearly 6 years ago, as they were opening their Cardiff studio – so while the main focus of my role was as a junior consultant, I also [...]

Women in Digital Naomi Morton

Name: Naomi Morton Position: Innovation Organisation: Glue Isobar Twitter Handle: @NaomiBM  Your career journey: I started out as a developer whilst I was still at university, wandered blindly into project and account management before realising this really wasn’t me at all. I ended up [...]
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