women in business

Fiona Turnbull

Clients come flocking for storage, and sheep Kinross shepherd Fiona Turnbull could never be accused of being one of the sheep, because this extra special entrepreneur is top dog at two business flocks. But business for Fiona is far from being a one-woman show. Working in partnership with her [...]

My board journey

Looking back for this article I was a little surprised to see how many boards I had served on. Every one was pro bono, so money was certainly not my motive. The majority were in the public and charity sectors. My present commitment is as a Director of The Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy. Our [...]

Social Impact through community co-operatives

Community co-operatives are organisations set up to provide services to a particular community which use co-operative principles to guide their activities. When a community is a local community, this is usually easy to recognise as there are physical boundaries, maybe a village, or a block of flats [...]

Keep a woman on British bank notes

Recently there has been a furore over the Bank of England’s decision to replace Elizabeth Fry by Sir Winston Churchill on bank notes. Elizabeth II is of course on all the bank notes as the reigning monarch and would at the point of change be the only woman, by virtue of birth alone, on the [...]
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