My Migraine Story – Self Blame Does Not Help

OK. I’ve decided. I will share my migraine story with you. Why the song and dance? Well, helping people with migraine is my job, right? Maybe you expect that I should be hunky-dory, migraine-free. The truth is I’m not. But, I’m jumping ahead of myself. First, we need to head back in time For [...]

Spine Time Technique

Your spine is the vital centre of your nervous system and you can learn three quick “tricks” to upgrade your focus, physical ease and performance in any area of your life. Take a moment to learn these Spine Time Techniques so you can feel better and perform better in any area of your [...]

Care for the Caregiver: A Tip from the Danes

Often when we are asked to care for others, there is a dire need. An infirm parent doesn’t want to leave their home. Or children in flux need attentive parenting. But be warned. There is a line between helping out and co-dependence. I frequently see the results of helping at the co-dependent end [...]

The need to decouple health and social care from politics

Yet again I have had to engage with the NHS recently and I have been treated with respect, compassion, taken seriously and supported with clinical competence. I’m so grateful to all who play their part. In many ways the system works well for me, especially as I have a good level of health [...]

Expand yourself from within

It’s possible to live a larger life by expanding your consciousness. I’ll teach you how in just about three minutes. You can use this skill for the rest of your life to live a larger life. It will also help you, as it has for many of my clients, with pain, dark feelings and sadness. Try [...]

Decoding Skincare : Your Essential Products For Winter

Technology is a wonderful thing – especially when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. But with all the techno-jumbo surrounding skincare it’s difficult to know our peptides from our retinol. If the term BB makes you think of a weapon that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in the 80s then it’s time [...]
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