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Barbara Castle

Barbara Castle was the youngest of three children, born and brought up in Yorkshire. Barbara grew up in a politically active and socially aware home, and joined the Labour Party as a teenager.  Her sister was a pioneer of the Inner London Education Authority, her brother worked with Oxfam in [...]

Madge Syers

We are now used to there being male and female versions of many sports; women’s football, women’s athletics and so forth. But in the very early part of the 20th century the remarkable Madge Syers realised that the International Skating Union’s rules did not specify the gender of [...]

Sylvia Gore

Sylvia Gore, the “Denis Law of Women’s Football” has died aged 69, from cancer. Sylvia was a pioneer of the women’s game, once scored 134 goals in a single season and scored the first ever goal scored by the England Women’s team in a 3-2 victory over Scotland. Sylvia [...]

Wilma Rudolph

In Rome, 1960, Wilma Rudolph became the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during a single Olympic Games. Wilma’s early life did not hint at the life to come as the fastest female athlete on earth. She was born the 20th of her father’s 22 children across [...]

Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull was an advocate of free love. Not the 1960’s version of Californian beaches and Woodstock, but the freedom of women to marry, divorce, and bear children without government interference. In the mid 1800’s this was every bit as challenging to the establishment. For [...]

Mary Ward

The wiki entry for Mary Ward starts “Mary Ward (nun)”. True, Mary was a nun, indeed she founded the Sisters of Loreto and is being recommended for sainthood, but she was not the kind of nun that stayed indoors praying for the world. Mary was a feminist activist who petitioned for [...]
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