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August tax news with Val from Beyond the Numbers

HMRC GOING INCREASINGLY DIGITAL £200 million is to be invested in HMRC’s digital services, which they believe will reduce their costs dramatically. Cynics will say that is all very well, but it means the taxpayer or his agent will have to do more of the work needed. Please be assured that we [...]

Tax news – with Val from Beyond the Numbers

SHOULD LLPs INCORPORATE? A consultation document has been published on an HMRC attempt to stop what they believe are artificial profit and loss allocation schemes involving members of LLPs (and indeed other partnerships) where some of the members are chargeable to income tax but others are not. [...]

June tax news

TAX ON PAYMENTS OF TRAIL COMMISSION We are referring here to commission which may be passed on to investors in Collective Investment Schemes and other associated investment products including life insurance policies. This normally happens where an investor picks funds (known as platforms) via a [...]

May tax news – with Val from Beyond the Numbers

HMRC RELAXES RTI REPORTING ARRANGEMENTS FOR SMALLER BUSINESSES Businesses with fewer than 50 employees can benefit from a temporary relaxation of the Real Time Information (RTI) reporting arrangements. Until 5 October 2013, employers with fewer than 50 employees who pay their staff weekly or more [...]

Budget highlights – the key points

HMRC UPDATED LIST OF TAX DEDUCTIBLE FEES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS PAID TO PROFESSIONAL BODIES OR LEARNED SOCIETIES This updated list is always worth looking at in case any claims have been missed. Let us know the details of your payments and we will check that full tax relief has been claimed. NEW HMRC [...]

March tax news – with Val from Beyond the Numbers

TRAVEL COSTS FOR MEDICS MAY NOT STAND UP TO EXAMINATION We always try to be positive in telling you about tax developments in this newsletter but of course we also need to include tax “nasties” as well. This edition seems to have a few of those, starting with medical professionals who travel to [...]
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