Campaigning for sustainable employment

Co-operatives UK is supporting the Campaign on Sustainable Employment, a Europe-wide campaign by the co-operative sector to promote businesses that generate long-term wealth for communities. The campaign aims to show how worker co-operatives in Europe are addressing the fallout from the financial [...]

Co-operatives – in it for the long haul

As the priorities for the economy begin to broaden, the need is to deliver a sustainable and secure economy, capable of redressing the balance, of delivering an efficient welfare system amid reduced budgets, of being sustainable, secure and continuing to be a leader on the international stage. In [...]

So you think sustainable business is just about being green?

I love words. I particularly like the way that old words are given new life and meaning when deployed in a new context. Employee “engagement”, “responsibility”, business “ethics” are examples and so too the current vogue with “sustainable” business.  I view sustainability from a [...]

Empowerment in developing markets

“We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society”. 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony Addressing the critical issue of gender equality is a key challenge for many parts of the world that [...]

Clare Dakin

Clare Dakin is a passionate environmentalist, social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. She has 18 years of international experience within the personal growth sector; facilitating groups, coaching business leaders and creating change processes that lead to lasting shifts in behaviour. She [...]

Clothes that cost the earth

I don’t like the word “sustainability”. It sounds patronising, “Yeah, she’s started a new exercise regime but is it sustainable?” It also has connotations of guilt. For example sustainable tourism makes us feel guilt ridden as we explore a planet that has become more accessible through [...]
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