(2/3 x + 1/3 y) = Perfect Collaboration

As the reader of a business-focussed magazine you may be unaware, as I was until recently, of the rule of the “Golden Section” used in art composition. However, just as art often illuminates daily life, this artistic rule has helped me consider the strategic use of colour within our appearance. [...]

Leadership STYLE

Most of us are potential leaders. Most of us have an idea in us that could make a positive change – whether to our local community, our national community or the global community. But many of us do not recognise the potential of our ideas or do not have the perseverance to take our idea forward. [...]

Women’s Enterprise

At an inspiring sales seminar I was once asked if I thought sales techniques were taught or if we were born with them? I assumed that the most persuasive selling skills were learned over time so I was surprised to learn that we are all born with them – life just knocks them out of us! We [...]

Is your company’s ethos reflected by your staff?

My husband and I recently had a meeting with a member of staff from an established bank. We sat in a private office as we discussed the different savings plans we might consider opposite a financial advisor who wore a short-sleeved, frilly blouse displaying plenty of cleavage. While my husband was [...]