Powering Up

We hear a lot these days about super-foods, precious powerhouse fruits like blueberries and avocados, that deliver energy and anti-oxidants. Delicious and satisfying, super-foods act as adaptogens and support our body’s ability to adapt to stress. But how do we similarly replenish our soul [...]

Wipe Your Internal Windows To Clear Up Your Life

Clarity is a funny state of mind. We achieve clarity in our relationships, love life, finances, wealth, career, family and spirit by the absence of obstacles. It's the opposite of what we normally search for. We usually search for more tools, more ideas, more input and more stuff. Clarity comes naturally when we remove obstacles, stuff and "schmutz" from our lives and our consciousness. [...]

Seeking Perfectionism

Seeking perfectionism is like chasing rainbows, and that’s why it’s driving women like me towards insanity. Having high standards and paying attention to detail are seen as good things though, right? Wrong. It can actually have an extremely negative impact on our professional and personal [...]
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