social responsibility

Mammon’s Kingdom

David Marquand, the political philosopher and former Labour MP, who will be 80 in September, has lost nothing of his robust and intellectual analysis. He gives a resounding call for a public debate on how to create a “moral economy” following the collapse of 2008. In some ways this is already [...]

The triumph of evil

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to stand back and do nothing” Edmund Burke It’s as true to day as it was when Mr Burke first said it. I find it an inspiring quote – one that I have tried to live my life by. Bad things happen in the world because we let them. [...]

Why we should all care about the wellbeing debate

On the surface, new data published last month by the Office for National Statistics perhaps isn’t as exciting a development as the readers of 3rdimagazine are used to. There is no new government initiative associated with the data and most of the links on the twittersphere lead you to some pretty [...]

Mail Order Brides

When I got a last-minute English teaching job in Ukraine I really had no idea what to expect so I asked around the local pub I worked in at the time if anyone knew anything about the country I was soon to be living in. There were two main pieces of information that these beer-drinking veterans were [...]

This is Your life – Do what you love and do it often.

It’s official now. I am now co-founder of 2 charities! I thought I was juggling when we just had one charity to run but the past four months has taken my juggling skills to a whole new level. And all in a good way. Andrew’s sudden and early death in January has reinforced my already strong [...]
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