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To Network or Not?

To Network or Not – Is this the Question? Will 2013 be the year you nail your networking fears? Take a deep breath…. As someone who has generated millions in revenue and created a solid supplier and customer database from networking over the years the answer to this question is a no brainer! [...]

Why LinkedIn Won’t Help

Why LinkedIn Won’t Help Your Networking As we step into 2013 we are at a stage where social networking has become part of life for a huge number of people. Even those who have chosen not to engage with it have some understanding of what it is and, depending on where they get their information, [...]

Facebook and the fake ‘likes’

Facebook has begun deleting fake page “likes”. After admitting that around 8.7% of its users are not “real” Facebook decided to take action. Is this important? In the grand scheme of life, no probably not, but when it comes to your advertising spend, then yes it can have an [...]

Creating Leadership with Social Media

The advent and adoption of social media has remixed the way we do business, the creation of business leaders and influencers. Social media has been dubbed as a ‘disruptive technology’ but it’s not the technology as much as the way such individuals chose to use the technology that’s [...]

Does your press release pass the “so what?” test?

Ever sent out a press release and got absolutely no coverage? The chances are your press release failed the “so what?” test. Every press release you send out must pass this test. If it doesn’t you’re wasting your time. So how do you tell if yours passes the test? Imagine you told a someone [...]

Commercial use of Facebook and Twitter – risks and rewards

Business are increasingly learning to exploit the potential of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for marketing and growth. Information continues to shift from traditional media to the web. Print media continues to suffer as advertisers slant their budgets towards online campaigns, [...]
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