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Trying to crack the social engagement paradigm

It’s been a while since I have written an article, times have been busy for me but the world of social has been ever moving. While the magazine theme for this month is austerity I’m going to move off tangent and look at some of the things that I have been quietly working on. So, what’s one of [...]

There’s no such thing as a ‘Bad Idea’

Pupils throughout Glasgow are being challenged to prove there is no such thing as a ‘Bad Idea’ and could pocket £3000 for their trouble. The ‘Bad Idea: Youth Enterprise Awards’ is looking for secondary school pupils to think creatively and turn their fledgling business [...]

Celebrating women in digital – part three

This is the third instalment of my celebrating women in digital from The Drums Top 30 Women Under 30. This month’s article focusses  on Fiona Robertson from Lbi and Laura Grant from Tag Digital. I may catch up with the other top 30 women later in the year but for now this is the last [...]

Three Quick and Easy Social Media Tricks

Here are three quick and easy tricks to help you build your profile online and attract new followers and visitors to your site. Join the crowd If you want to meet and interact with people – then go where other people go. For example: If you’re in LinkedIn join groups and participate in them [...]

Is networking like marmite?

Is networking like marmite? The very mention of it seems to send folks either gushing about the number of networking breakfast and lunch groups they attend, or you get the ‘not for me/ I did it once and it didn’t work / I’m far too busy’ people. I worry about this latter group; that they [...]
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