social enterprise

The It’s Good 2 Give Community

Our wee charity is run by me – a full time volunteer and aided by a lovely support team of volunteers. Right back at the beginning when I set it up I said it was like a co-operative of like-minded individuals, all wanting to do something to make the lives of another group of individuals, a bit [...]

Why is the future permaculture?

When considering the importance of setting businesses in a social context we should also set business in a world perspective. Permaculture offers a structure to do just that. Leading exponent Ludwig Appeltans tells us why. Humanity is on the verge of a major reorganization. I know this is a mild [...]

The third sector needs entrepreneurs

This month’s theme SOCIAL and ENTERPRISE is one close to my heart. I consider myself an entrepreneur with a social conscience so when I decided to change the landscape for teenage girls in the UK by creating and facilitating intervention programmes to raise their aspirations, the social [...]

Third sector creates 1,861 new jobs for young people

AT LAST, A WORK PROGRAMME THAT ACTUALLY WORKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE A report released today shows that the Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) programme, created by Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations backed with Scottish Government funding and delivered in partnership with Social Enterprise [...]

More than GDP : Measuring what matters

For much of the last century policy makers have made an assumption that greater economic wellbeing will lead to greater individual and societal wellbeing. This assumption is increasingly challenged as the relationship between our economy and social progress proves to be much more complex. Carnegie [...]

Fighting for our lives

Emotions are running high. We have seen a film and listened to Kevin Rudd, former Australian PM and Jackie Huggins, an aboriginal woman, sharing the story about how ‘The Sorry Day’ held in Australia in 13 February 2008 came to be. Kevin, as the then new PM honoured his pre-election commitment [...]
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