social enterprise

Social AND Enterprise

I make this distinction as the term social enterprise is often viewed, wrongly, as a synonym for charity. I believe that all businesses should be considered in, and responsive to, the wider social context. In a real sense every business is a social enterprise in that it operates in the society in [...]

Is there enough social in enterprise?

Is there enough “enterprise” in social enterprise and enough “social” in commercial enterprise? The Big Society is two years old later this month, and in her article in Social Enterprise LiveWire, Daniela Barone Soares makes the following, and I think extremely valid, points; “the [...]

Consumerism as a force for social change

We are often told that we live in a consumer society and of course this is true. Global enterprises spend fortunes persuading us to spend, acquire, consume. We are encouraged to think of our homes as investments, assets, status symbols but rarely as their real purpose, as shelters. And we appear to [...]

Britain’s youth are gloomy about their future

Britain’s young are deeply gloomy about building a prosperous future for themselves, says Young Enterprise and Opinium Research survey. Almost 70 per cent of teenagers worried about debt. Around half fear they will not be as well off as their parents. Two in three believe success is closely [...]

I had a dream’ to build a fair business

‘I had a dream’ to build a fair business; it turned out rather well! Jane Royston remembers vividly the moment when her business career took a dramatic turn. It followed a champagne buffet party in Paris in September 1986. She was 28 years old and head of IT in France for the US [...]

Social Enterprise and women’s stories

I was born in 1957 in London and was educated in a Convent School where I learned how to be strong, compassionate, confident and an independent thinking young woman. Growing up in the sixties and seventies in such a vibrant city gave me a love of people and a fascination for what makes them tick. [...]
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