social enterprise

Top tips to develop a career with a purpose

Would you like a career with a purpose – a career that makes a positive difference to the world? Making the move to work within a social enterprise, a company that is using business to create a social or environmental benefit, is now easier than ever – and, according to Tom Rippin, founder [...]

Not Just Another Women’s Network

I’ve always had entrepreneurial leanings. My Mum & Dad are self employed and I’m drawn to and admire people who are doing their own thing and making a living from it. Since my early 20’s I’ve dabbled in countless activities that earn me extra cash but I’ve always stopped short of [...]

Arriving at the rope bridge

Entering the Worlds of Integral Economics Article 1: Arriving at the rope bridge This is the first in a series – of indeterminate length – in which I will seek to introduce the main themes, principles, concepts and practical solutions offered by the developing model of integral [...]

The true nature of the social enterprise

When we use the phrase social enterprise, we all intuitively understand that is in some way different from an orthodox view of how industrial enterprises operate, how they are organised, what is their role and purpose, by which I mean whom do they really serve? And, how in part they make their [...]

Social Media Metrics: The Real Value of Facebook ‘Likes’

I’m moving away from this month’s theme to pick up on a Topic I have discussed before – the value of Facebook Likes. A few weeks ago the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones broke news of a simple experiment he ran via Facebook. The results were not really surprising and highlight that bots or fake [...]
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