Creating Peace

When there is peace in our hearts, the seeds of love blossom. When a majority of people in the world come from a place of peace and mutual respect for all living beings, we then have the foundation for a peaceful world. [...]

Fear is your friend!

Don’t turn your back on it or you’ll be turning your back on yourself. What do I mean by your friend and not your enemy? What is fear? Well, fear, (False Evidence Appearing Real) is something imagined, not real, an illusion or an outcome that is usually based upon the worst imaginary scenario [...]

Confident. Me. Do you think so?

I have worked around, for and over and with about as many women as men. The attributes of the successful ones, and I mean they that achieved higher positions within the organisation and not on a personal level, were pretty mixed. A quiet and phlegmatic head of accounts, a ‘work-hard-play [...]
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