To create confidence – start in childhood

In the film ‘The Sound of Music’ Maria sings ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start’ I am using this rather ‘odd’ opening paragraph to illustrate my strongly held belief that in order to create confidence in adult life we need to [...]

What to do when the wisdom doesn’t work?

I remained positive, I focussed, I chanted affirmations daily, I visualised, I meditated, I behaved as though it had already happened. I even prayed and guess what… It did not happen. I did not attract it, I failed to manifest it and it is not here!! How unfair is that? Sometimes the Universe is [...]

In the eye of the beholder

My Dad has lots of sayings, picked up from books, plays and TV down the years that have passed into family lore. One of these, recited in an iffy west country accent, is “if ‘e be a natural thing, where do ‘e come from, where do ‘e go?” As with most of my Dads sayings, I didn’t know [...]

Confident. Me. Do you think so?

I have worked around, for and over and with about as many women as men. The attributes of the successful ones, and I mean they that achieved higher positions within the organisation and not on a personal level, were pretty mixed. A quiet and phlegmatic head of accounts, a ‘work-hard-play [...]

Is being confident just about positive thinking?

Is being confident just about positive thinking? In simple terms, the authors of ‘In A Nutshell’ say No! It is more about just what it is that you are thinking about negatively. You are what you think. The law of attraction, for example, says that there is always a match, a balance, between [...]

What do I think about CONFIDENCE?

Having been a working adult for (whispers) nearly thirty years, much of my confidence and cues for confidence have come from work scenarios. I’m a wife, and a working Mum who for the last five years has run her own business. When I look back over the jobs I have done, I can see that I have gained [...]
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