Why Be Happy ?

Jeanette Winterson’s 2011 memoir title, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? is a bombshell. It was a comment her exasperated adoptive mother, Mrs. Winterson, proclaimed when a young Jeanette was endeavouring to be herself, to be loved and acknowledged for who she is. Implicit in Mrs. [...]

How to love yourself

Having been in the wellness and healing field for nearly twenty years, I’ve read many self-improvement books and articles, attended many empowerment and enlightenment workshops and facilitated countless healings. I’ve also studied Eastern philosophy extensively, mainly because it offers [...]

Being in the flow

Someone recently asked me if I could talk more about what being in the flow means. When we are talking about philosophical or metaphysical topics, it is important to keep in mind that each individual has a subjective experience.  What it means to be in the flow for me may not mean the same for [...]

Deepak-ology or Chopra 101?

In this my series of extracts from ‘Crisis What Crisis?’, my 14 month journey with Dr Deepak Chopra and his ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, I am in the final stages of preparing for my journey. It is Day 18. If this was a physical, rather than a spiritual trek, I would effectively be [...]

Foundations for confidence

I woke up this morning with something odd running through my mind: 1,2,3,4; 2,2,3,4; 3,2,3,4; 4,2,3,4. Hey brother…….. 2,2,3,4 Hey sister… I was counting myself in to the beginning of a song. I have NEVER woken up doing that before. Later on, I went out for a run and started musing about what [...]

Creating Confidence

Sigh! What a joy it is to write about this and also how difficult. Business is 100% about confidence. In confident markets people trade. When we trade we set up energy flows- money and goods and services change hands and we are all the better for it. A margin here and a margin there and the traders [...]
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