Sarah Lewis

Seven top tips for leading through uncertainty

Many leaders are currently facing the challenge of leading in conditions of great uncertainty in an unpredictable environment. Yet much leadership and change guidance is predicated on the assumption of a relatively stable or foreseeable future for which plans can be made. Here are some tips to help [...]

Five ways to foster innovation using Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to organisational change and development that helps teams or organisations generate both positive energy and innovative ideas for change. Appreciative Inquiry is a participative process, and the ideas that emerge from the process have the weight of the group [...]

Ten top tips for courageous conversations at work

Most of us have to have a difficult conversation with someone at work at some point in our working lives. Sarah Lewis, chartered psychologist and author of ‘Positive Psychology at Work’, offers ten tips to help tackle a difficult conversation and get a good result. Many people, at some point in [...]

How to use crowd-sourcing to create organisational change

Barack Obama famously crowd-sourced the finance for his election campaign, a powerful example of the ability of new technology to create a great aggregate result out of lots of small voluntary actions. But this process is not as new as it seems: Sir James Murray used a similar approach to creating [...]