Ask yourself the right questions.

Ask yourself the right questions. If you ask yourself “Why is my life so crap?” or “Why does bad stuff always happen to me?” or “Why am I so unlucky?” You should be able to understand how and why these questions recall past results that have happened from past experiences. A [...]

Blame Your Parents

How many times have you heard a conversation in which someone blames their parents for all that they perceive to be wrong with them. Our parents are a vital part of who we are. Good parents, ‘bad’ parents, absent parents; I’m sure at some point we have all placed our parents into one category [...]

Dear Dave,….yours, Disaffected of Chesham

FIVE YEARS PLACEMENT IN THE REAL WORLD FOR POLITICIANS, PLEASE! Why is it that so few elected politicians have spent any part of their working life outside politics? Only 25% at the last count? What qualifies you to run the country and negotiate terms with Brussels when you have never run a [...]