Struggle vs Conscious Evolution

“It started with mammals, bugs and birds.” Lynn Kaplan is describing her evolution from educator – she once ran a successful business introducing children to wildlife – to Divorce Doula. Two difficult marriages, the challenge of fibromyalgia and then spontaneously rising to advocate [...]

Success in 2012

In early January – when I found out that the theme for the February edition of the 3rdi magazine was to be “What will 2012 bring” like many people I was thoughtful about the seemingly endless bleak forecasts that made up the news stories. But even though the unemployment figures have made [...]

Dealing with challenging relationships at work

You love your work – but you can’t stand the person you work with. It’s a struggle to keep you both from bickering, let alone falling into a full-blown, claws-out argument. But you don’t want to give up your job and murder is clearly out of the question! So what can you do? Work [...]

5 steps to build your concentration and focus in long meetings

Do you find your mind wandering in long meetings? Could you do with a little more concentration and focus? My observations of typical business owners is that they are often running all day from meeting to meeting, rushing to respond to emails and mobile calls in between. Whilst on the surface it [...]