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To be austere or not austere

Many years ago I went to see Anita Roddick speak at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I had just set up my own recruitment business and was keen to learn at the feet of a master. Anita is still a heroine of mine, alongside Elizabeth I and I was eager to take her pearls of wisdom on board. [...]

Learning to love learning for life

I’ve never been so curious about someone who is simply not curious. My mother-in-law never asks any questions about anything. It’s the most bizarre way of being that I’ve ever come across. From a young age, I encouraged each of my three children to ask as many questions as they [...]

Diversity – a state of mind

Diversity starts in the home, then moves into the nursery, to school, high school, then further education and finally the work place. It’s a state of mind, not a policy. Big business loves to tell you about their diversity policies at the same time as publishing their annual reports with [...]

Women and the business of business

As I sit in the McDonalds in Govan (I get to the most glamorous of places in my job) and contemplate my morning, it helps me realise why women often don’t get as far as men in business. When I woke up this morning at 6:30am my four year old came to “help me” get ready. She ignored [...]

Community matters

Community is a word often associated with local, street-level type activities whereby people get together to organise a party or meet every quarter to discuss the neighbourhood watch objectives or form some kind of village hall committee to put on the annual summer fete. And at that level, the word [...]

Creativity is a process

Whenever I’m out there in corporate land training or coaching, I always come across people who tell me with a great deal of confidence that they are not at all creative and that they don’t have an imagination. The first question I ask them, is “how do you know?” This usually stops them in [...]
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