Rebecca Inspires

Creating your reputation as you go through life

Rebecca and Colette Colette Grant is a successful entrepreneur, co-founder of Grant Property Ltd and continues to be an executive director of the property company she helped found. She’s also the Vice Chair of The Entrepreneurial Exchange and a Trustee of the charity Enlight. Building on this [...]

Team development David Brent style

“So, what do you do for a living?” slightly nervous networker asks me over a glass of sparkling mineral water. “I’m a leadership coach and I help teams work more effectively together. Amongst other things….” I enigmatically add, for effect. “Oh, so you drag poor people like me to the [...]

The Vulnerability of leadership

I came across a CEO of a very successful company the other week and his philosophy on leadership was to “never be wrong”. He equated the ability to be right all the time with the ability to lead his business well because he felt that being wrong showed weakness. No amount of analogies [...]

Inspiring actions

The best mentors in the world are those who mentor by example. The first person who mentored me was my primary four teacher. She was firm, but fair and she admitted when she was wrong. I learned the most from her because she walked the talk. My first mentor in the world of work was a chap called [...]

The equality myth

The vote, equal pay, maternity rights, human rights act, employment law and the rest have all been designed to create a level playing field for women, minorities and those who historically have not had a voice. Have they worked? Yes and no. It’s very easy to become disgruntled with the [...]

Business IS a social impact

Large corporates like to talk about corporate and social responsibility because they know it offers fantastic PR opportunities, builds loyalty amongst their staff and creates a general all round good feeling. This is a very cynical attitude because if you think about it, business has always had a [...]
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