How to build confidence when delivering a talk

Having, and projecting, confidence is probably the single most important aspect to get right when delivering a speech or presentation. Sandy Eifion-Jones, of Toastmasters International offers some tips to help you build your confidence when delivering a talk: 1. Imagine yourself If you are [...]

3 ways your staff can ruin, or transform, your exhibition stand

Getting your exhibition stand right involves a great deal of planning – from branding and design to placement and collateral. Yet even the best laid plans can go awry. One aspect of your exhibition stand that can really make or break its success is your staff. While it’s obvious that hiring [...]

Building confidence from presentation fails

How do you feel about making a presentation? If it is one of horror then you are not alone. In US research in November 2013 the number of people who say they have of public speaking anxiety is 73%! At the time of writing I could not find data for the UK but I feel sure that the number would be [...]