Great word ‘creativity’ and one that can be interpreted in lots of different ways. My experience of creativity has come in various guises over the years, working in PR and Marketing Communications, whether in meetings, planning a PR or advertising campaign, copywriting, interesting angles for [...]

How to leverage your PR coverage

You’ve worked hard to get PR coverage for your business – so now that you’ve got it, is that it? No. The coverage itself is just part of the marketing plan. There is more you can do to maximise the benefit. Here are six ways to leverage your hard earned PR coverage… 1)Put links to the [...]

Does your press release pass the “so what?” test?

Ever sent out a press release and got absolutely no coverage? The chances are your press release failed the “so what?” test. Every press release you send out must pass this test. If it doesn’t you’re wasting your time. So how do you tell if yours passes the test? Imagine you told a someone [...]