Simone Weil

Simone Weil was a French philosopher, mystic and political activist. Her writing emphasized sacrifice and martyrdom through an ascetic lifestyle, a lifestyle which led to her early death from tuberculosis exacerbated by malnutrition aged just 34. Her compatriot Albert Camus described her as, [...]

Harriet Taylor Mill

Harriet Taylor Mill suffers the fate of many women, that of being overlooked in favour of her husband, in this case her husband the philosopher John Stuart Mill. Harriet was a philosopher in her own right and an early advocate for women’s rights. Harriet didn’t produce a substantial [...]

Hannah Arendt

HANNAH ARENDT Hannah Arendt was a German-born political theorist. An assimilated Jew, she escaped Europe during the Holocaust and became an American citizen. Her works deal with the nature of power, and the subjects of politics, direct democracy, authority, and totalitarianism. Although Hannah is [...]