Passion for the Planet

The passion test for business – how passionate are you?

Do you have a passion for your business? Could a test identifying your passions help your business (and your personal life)? Or has passion got very little to do with it? I’ve always thought of myself as a passionate person and doing what I love. I’m a self starter, slightly obsessive but most [...]

5 Top tips for running effective workshops

Hilary Briggs, an experienced facilitator and management consultant and Lieutenant Governor Education and Training at Toastmasters International has five tips to help you run an effective workshop. Whatever size of organisation you work for, large or small, and whatever function or role you have, [...]

Social media – legal, decent, honest and truthful?

Quantity or Quality in social media? It’s a question I’ve posed before on The3rdi and it seems the debate is set to run and run! A recent article in the New York Times [...]

Are prizes good for PR?

Many of my clients ask me if they can offer competition prizes to magazines as a way of getting more PR. So is this possible and is it a good idea? Yes it is possible, but it is not as easy it may seem. Most media outlets are not desperate for competition prizes so you need to offer something [...]