Great teamwork equals growth

On my travels, I see a lot of teams. There are two teams I want to use to illustrate how incredibly powerful great teamwork is. The first team is one where people were unsure of their roles and responsibilities. They didn’t know who was in charge and they had no focal point for direction or [...]

Diversity – a state of mind

Diversity starts in the home, then moves into the nursery, to school, high school, then further education and finally the work place. It’s a state of mind, not a policy. Big business loves to tell you about their diversity policies at the same time as publishing their annual reports with [...]

Creativity is a process

Whenever I’m out there in corporate land training or coaching, I always come across people who tell me with a great deal of confidence that they are not at all creative and that they don’t have an imagination. The first question I ask them, is “how do you know?” This usually stops them in [...]

Getting the Right T-Shirt in 2013

Have you been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, only to find it’s the wrong T-Shirt? Are you determined that 2013 will be different? The trouble is so many New Year’s resolutions about changing your life seem to fall by the wayside by the 1st February. Or maybe you’ve given up on resolutions [...]

The Secrets of Successful Networking

I love networking. I enjoy the idea that I will walk into a room and barely know a soul and leave the room knowing that I’ve struck up at least one conversation with an interesting person from whom I’ve learned something useful. The first part of successful networking is your mindset. [...]