Is networking like marmite?

Is networking like marmite? The very mention of it seems to send folks either gushing about the number of networking breakfast and lunch groups they attend, or you get the ‘not for me/ I did it once and it didn’t work / I’m far too busy’ people. I worry about this latter group; that they [...]

To Network or Not?

To Network or Not – Is this the Question? Will 2013 be the year you nail your networking fears? Take a deep breath…. As someone who has generated millions in revenue and created a solid supplier and customer database from networking over the years the answer to this question is a no brainer! [...]

The Secrets of Successful Networking

I love networking. I enjoy the idea that I will walk into a room and barely know a soul and leave the room knowing that I’ve struck up at least one conversation with an interesting person from whom I’ve learned something useful. The first part of successful networking is your mindset. [...]

Why LinkedIn Won’t Help

Why LinkedIn Won’t Help Your Networking As we step into 2013 we are at a stage where social networking has become part of life for a huge number of people. Even those who have chosen not to engage with it have some understanding of what it is and, depending on where they get their information, [...]

Values Led Networking

The world is in the midst of massive change. Never have there been so many people on the planet, nor never so many educated and connected people. The pace of change is dizzying. We are living multiple life times worth of experience compared to our ancestors and that is all before we are 30. Well [...]

Fast Women ….

Fast Women and Other Business Associates I spent an inspirational day with a business-woman who built a business from scratch and sold it for £20 million. How did that great experience come about? I heard her speak at a business seminar, I bought her book and spoke to her as she signed it, asking [...]
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