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Must reads by Jackie Cameron

When Karen asked us for recommendations for a business book I scurried to my bookshelf to take a look at which one to choose. Over the years I have gathered an eclectic mix of books that would fall into the “business” category. Now that I have a Kindle I have added some digital versions and I [...]

Must reads by Jill Ney

Find me a Business Book I Actually Want to Read I had a chuckle at this month’s theme ‘find me a business book I actually want to read’. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about business books but have to say I do often pick up a book when I’m in the airport… I have to admit I’ve yet to [...]

Must reads by Margot Grantham

Me and My Business Books I am one of those people who are frequently inspired by others and want to know how they do what they do so well which is why I enjoy scouring the business and biography sections of bookstores. I avidly read the fly-leaf for background and author’s biography, and the back [...]

Must reads by Lynne McNicoll

Lynne McNicoll is co-founder of It’s Good to Give! “I started fundraising in December 2005 as I hit my 49th birthday. I wanted to find a different and more giving way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I wanted a way to express that gratitude and I have found it in helping others. I said I [...]

Must reads by Phil Birch

I am an avid reader of books for business and personal development and I’d like to recommend two very different titles. The first is called  Flavours of Thought by Tom Evans. This is a unique, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable read. If there is a more accessible way of accessing and [...]

Business Book Chain-Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes –Roger Fisher and William Ury Guest reviewer – Pamela Lyall Getting to Yes has been around for quite a while – indeed it was first published as long ago as 1981 –but the modestly slim volume entitled Getting to Yes, still remains the seminal work on negotiation and worth [...]
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