Anxious Point of View

Anxiety has specific patterns in the brain and mind. Joy has specific patterns too, as does every other emotional and physical state. The big insight is that deliberately changing those patterns you can pull yourself out of anxious states quickly, safely & easily. It’s your brain & [...]

The Buddha’s new clothes

I’ll start by stating an interest. I practice mindfulness and meditation. I have done so for over 15 years. While mine is a personal practice, I do lead mindfulness meditation at yoga workshops. I make meditation stools for friends and family. I have become accustomed to the accusation that this [...]


Creativity can be defined as, our ability to use our imagination to create something. When we are creative we invent, think for ourselves, use our intuition and explore. It is a state where we can throw off thoughts that restrict, confine or limit our ability to think freely. An active creative [...]