Developing Strategic (One to One) Marketing

Whether you’re selling to a market of ten or ten million, one of the most effective ways to learn how to improve your marketing is to talk with a single person and sell something to them. According to William Buist of Abelard Collaborative Consultancy and xTEN Club, marketing isn’t a [...]

Why increased profits come faster when you slow down

Gandhi famously said, “There’s more to life than increasing its speed.” This applies to business as much as it applies to life. For example, The Economist Intelligence Unit found that companies who slowed down averaged 40% more sales and 52% more profits than companies who had made getting [...]

6 marketing lessons you can learn from Santa Claus

One of the most effective ways of learning is to mimic the best. When it comes to encouraging us to buy – Santa Claus must be up there among the very best! The UK spends on average £568 per person at Christmas (source: – that’s pretty hefty spending that [...]

How to create a clear value proposition for networking

Many business owners, directors and sales people, use networking as a means of attracting business – but the results can sometimes be disappointing. According to William Buist, CEO of Abelard and Founder of xTEN Club, creating a great value proposition addresses this and increases the number and [...]

7 steps to create an unlimited marketing budget

Is your mind-set holding back your marketing? According to Shweta Jhajharia, founder of The London Coaching Group, many business owners have three flawed beliefs that keep them from successful marketing: Marketing is a big cost. We should market to as many people as we possibly can. We should [...]

Top 3 eCommerce Marketing Opportunities for 2013

It’s now time for anyone running an eCommerce business to switch their focus from Christmas and the January Sales, and instead look at their bigger plans for successful online selling in 2013. There are three types of marketing that, if you get them right, are really going to fast-track your [...]