Margot Grantham

Lessons from a cold morning in Oxford

Most evenings and every weekend between September and May for the last three years my youngest daughter has been playing hockey. If she is not training she is playing. Tuesdays it’s school team training, Wednesdays it’s under 16s club team training, Thursdays are for school matches, Fridays [...]

Advice from me to younger me

I try not to think too hard about the length of time I have been in business, it is far too ageing! As is the fact that it is 2014!!!! I remember as a child wondering if I would make it to the millennium, after all, being 40 is positively ancient! So pinch me I am still alive, I am still working in [...]

Everyday sexism is a feminist issue

Ask any person if they have experienced discrimination in any form at any point in their life, and I bet you the answer is affirmative. So to ask a woman if they have encountered sexist attitudes or sexual stereotyping in these emancipated times you have to be joking, or living in a bubble. Sexism [...]

Community responsibility: it’s proving to be a no-brainer

If, like me, you network amongst your local business community, you have probably encountered brokerage agencies that match socially responsible businesses with the voluntary sector. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is moving up the business agenda and a greater number of smaller businesses [...]

Why on-going learning is crucial for small business

When employed in a large organisation we take for granted that we will be looked after fairly. We will receive regular appraisals and reviews where business targets and goals will be set and assessed. We will be sent on training and development courses to assist our progression to the next level. [...]

Facing the pressures

I am all for enterprise and success in business whether it is a man or woman in charge. For the last five years many businesses have struggled to grow, even survive. Any entrepreneur who builds a business during this recession, to me, has heroic qualities irrespective of gender. However, I will [...]