Modern slavery and its impact on women

It is estimated there are 100 million modern slaves in India today. 3million are enslaved in prostitution. Most are Dalit women. This is the second event to be held at GWL to discuss discrimination against Dalit women. The aim of this event is to discuss, plan and organise how women in Glasgow can [...]

How to make your marketing ethical

Essentially the ethicality of your marketing boils down to one simple question – is your marketing moral or immoral? The morality of your marketing will encompass a number of areas; The claims that you make – are they accurate and honest? The target audience – for example; are you [...]

Play your part in transforming leadership

Want to play your part in transforming leadership? Our First Gathering of 150 Women Leaders   You will be provoked and inspired by: • Contributions from Linda Urquhart, Chairman Morton Fraser; Jann Brown, CFO Cairn Energy; Maggie Craig, Director Scottish Affairs, Association of British [...]

Personal and Organisational Resilience – The Women’s Angle

It is an inescapable output of the lifetimeswork research into personal and organisational resilience that women rate their own resilience lower than men do. Only 43% of the female leaders interviewed in the lifetimeswork research rated their own resilience as above the 8/10 level; 63% of the men [...]
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