Great Women – A Fanfare of Fabulous Females

(Cicely Mary Hamilton, illustration by Sandy Nightingale) Great Women is a joint project from The Two Sandies: Sandi Toksvig writes the words and Sandy Nightingale paints the pictures. I have been a fan of the series for many months and was delighted to get the chance to speak with Sandy [...]

Creating shining stars

Social enterprise by its very nature has to be based on a collective spirit, community engagement and collaboration.  No social challenge can be tackled effectively and with any real sustainability without an inclusive strategy. This is why when Claire Young and I were deciding on how best to [...]

Personal and Organisational Resilience

This summary research paper is based on twenty five interviews with leaders and two interviews with psychologists. In the main these were based in Scotland, across three different sectors – Public/3rd, Corporate PLCs and Entrepreneurial. Interviews lasted 1-2 hours and followed a standard set of [...]

June Editorial – Leadership hmmm?

My focus for the past 6 months has been on leadership – of finding and supporting the authentic voice of women leaders. This quest will culminate in the Inspiring Women Leaders …dare we? launch event on 15th June in Edinburgh. However I’ve always been more interested in where we [...]

Coach of the Month – Liz Scott

Leadership Coaching with Liz Scott Changing careers How do you make the transition from BBC reporter to a coach? The answer is ‘slowly’. Back in 2007 I had two jobs and was working part time as both a coach and a radio reporter. It had been like this for 3 years. Having two careers felt like [...]

Inspirational Women – Mumtaz Hussain

I met Mumtaz a few months ago and was immediately impressed. It was a privilege to interview her for this profile and my pleasure to report that she will be one of our regular contributors in future issues of the 3rdimagazine, developing her professional and personal perspective for women within [...]
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