Leadership STYLE

Most of us are potential leaders. Most of us have an idea in us that could make a positive change – whether to our local community, our national community or the global community. But many of us do not recognise the potential of our ideas or do not have the perseverance to take our idea forward. [...]

Leadership and how not to do it

If you type the word Leadership into the google search engine you get about 496,000,000 results. Amongst the front page entries are definitions, training courses, news articles and an intriguing placement from christianitytoday.com. Leadership is one of these topics about which everyone has an [...]

Creating Leadership with Social Media

The advent and adoption of social media has remixed the way we do business, the creation of business leaders and influencers. Social media has been dubbed as a ‘disruptive technology’ but it’s not the technology as much as the way such individuals chose to use the technology that’s [...]

Next generation of female entrepreneurs at heart of business

The next generation of entrepreneurs in Scotland powering social enterprise are bucking the economic trend by putting values back at the heart of business. And women are giving men a run for their money. On International Women’s Day the Social Enterprise Academy is celebrating Scotland’s [...]

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15 great articles on LEADERSHIP from acclaimed coaches and business leaders in one FREE e-book CONTENTS: What is Leadership Psychometric Testing and Effective Leadership Ethical Leadership Why we need women leaders Leadership Survey African Women are redefining leadership in Africa Leading the [...]

Inspired regularly but not specifically?

I spent weeks trying to think of who to write about as an inspirational female figure and I was struggling. I could think of lots of women who I think are amazing, brilliant, brave, lovely etc etc and started scribing – but I couldn’t think of what to write past the first paragraph and I [...]
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