karen birch

Women 2014

What will it mean to be a woman in 2014? I’ve been mulling this question for some time and there are several issues that keep coming to mind. Firstly, my perspective is my own. That seems self-evident but to clarify; what I mean is that I speak only from my own experience. For a middle-class [...]

Leadership not leaders

It has become common to assert, not least on these pages, that if there were more women in senior positions that the business world, nay the world itself, would be a better place. It is true that the testosterone fuelled model that has dominated corporate cultures for decades, the hero style of [...]

The impact of sexism on business

We are, I’m sure, all aware of the discrepencies between the number of women in senior positions compared to that of men. Rather than considering simply the numbers, it is worth considering the type of businesses that women set up. If we look at a comparison, by sector, of women-led SMEs [...]

What can Barcelona teach us about social impact?

Today, more than most days, I’ve been pondering the vexed issue of return on investment and it’s little regarded associate, social return on investment. Return on investment in purely financial terms is easy to see today, as this is football transfer deadline day. For those of you who [...]

Here comes the cavalry

It has become a bit of a mantra, a favourite one of mine, if I’m honest, to assert that the banks and the bankers are responsible for the current economic downturn, as it is euphemistically called. But even though it is certainly true, it isn’t the whole truth. Consider the facts, simply [...]

Social Impact through community co-operatives

Community co-operatives are organisations set up to provide services to a particular community which use co-operative principles to guide their activities. When a community is a local community, this is usually easy to recognise as there are physical boundaries, maybe a village, or a block of flats [...]
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